Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DL1961 Jeans

Ladies, I have found it. The Holy Grail of jeans. Take it from a admitted jeanaholic, these jeans are the best in the market. I have tried almost every brand, style and wash and none compare to DL1961.

DL1961 uses a cross-weave XFIT technology that basically molds the jeans to your body. I've heard of similar lines before taunting the same claims, and I've always been disappointed. Eventually the jeans stretch and lose their shape or they begin to sag. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to try, right?

When I tried them on, I was impressed. They felt good and I liked the way they fit. Little did I know, just how well they fit. I wore them out to dinner that night and I've never received so many compliments. Did you lose weight? You look skinny! What jeans are you wearing? My head was so big at the end of the night I almost fell over.

I also noticed that the jeans had kept their shape. No saggy bottom and they weren't lose around the waist. They really do give to fit your body. You can walk, sit and breath in these jeans but still look good!

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