Friday, December 18, 2009

Pictures with Santa Paws

Some of the most prosperous people I know don't measure their success in terms of wealth. Instead they value acts of kindness, making a difference and reaching out a paw. One such woman comes to mind, who selflessly gives her time, energy and focus to help place homeless animals with caregivers through Project HALO. I suppose it's similar to a dating service- except matching people to pets!

Project HALO also has a Foster Care program that allows potential pet owners the opportunity to nurture and embrace a pet! Project HALO's foster parents get to reap the many rewards from pet ownership. Besides, what other relationship offers such fringe benefits - people who own pets live longer, happier lives and have less stress! Yep, all around, Project HALO works for everyone involved.

It was an easy decision for the staff at Bella Ropa when choosing to host the Santa Paws event to benefit Project HALO. All my beloved pets have been abandoned or stray animals - either found wandering along side the road in the pouring rain, dashing into the middle of a busy intersection or strolling into the front yard.

Thanks to everyone who came out in the rain with their favorite pet to pose for a picture with Santa Claus! Bella Ropa appreciates Project HALO's volunteers, who dedicate their time and energy to such a wonderful organization. And a big shout out and special thanks to Tish Mackay, whose photography captured the event! So there is more to retail than just making a sale, it's about helping our friends - even if they happen to be a little furry.

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